summer rolls

What I love about summer is the chance to eat lovely, light, fresh food, especially as I’m not a salad-person. I generally crave hearty pastas or stews or dishes that make me feel cozy on the inside. But since I started kickboxing this summer, I’ve really started craving lighter meals.

Answer: delicious Vietnamese-inspired summer rolls.


homemade peanut butter oreos


I lost a bet.

More specifically, I lost a Masterchef bet because I really really wanted that adorable Brandi to win. (It’s okay, girl, madeleines are hard!) So, I owed a friend something baked and chocolate. Being as busy and lazy as I’ve been this year, noted in my nine month absence from the blog, I pulled out a recipe I tried once last year and decided to change it up with a peanut butter filling instead.


marbled cheesecake brownies

marbled cheesecake brownies |

I can’t believe it’s already December. I know I say this every time the season turns, but the past few months have really flown by! It’s nice to look forward to a lot of baking this year after nearly killing the turkey on Thanksgiving. BTW, Alton Brown’s turkey is so good that even accidentally forgetting to reduce the heat (from 500 to 350) for the last 1.5 hours didn’t completely burn the bird. The foil blanket also helped. It was really good in congee that night and pot pie the next day. (more…)

more than #gratitude

love kindness jar

In honor of Thanksgiving and the busyness it (and the next six weeks) will bring, I decided to take a week off from posting a recipe. Ok, ok, I’m also super swamped and didn’t have good lighting for the post I wanted to do this week. We’ll stick with the theme of gratitude though. (more…)

salt-baked potatoes

Everyone loves a baked potato, right? The perfect lazy side if you have an hour to spare. You can add anything on them and they’re perfect as a meal unto themselves. I read on Tasting Table that lots of chefs will bake off a few potatoes at the end of the night rather than pull together a full meal. The way they add flavor to it is to bake it encrusted in salt. Hmm…  (more…)

sweet spots

2015-09-24 20.41.04

I know my birthday was, like, nearly two months ago, but I wanted to share some of the highlights of the weekend. No, I didn’t have a birthday weekend… well, kinda, not really. There was a friend’s wedding smack in the middle of it, but it was lots of time with loved ones and it was great fun. Here I am making a face as I blow out my birthday candle on a delicious chocolate cake. Those nutella zeppole were no slouchies either– both were amazing desserts to cap off a bday dinner! (more…)

cannoli pound cake

2015-11-06 17.03.23

There aren’t many things I like about the weather getting colder- mainly cuz I hate being cold and I love long lazy summer days. However, I do love that I can go on crazy baking sprees for the holiday season. I love the smell of delicious goodies baking in the oven. It spreads warmth, sweetness, and the scent of homemade all through the house. There’s nothing quite like it. (more…)