About me


I’m Sally and welcome to sweet salt crunch! As you can see, there are many loves in my lives and I invite you in share in all of it with me through this blog.

Growing up in Hawaii, people share food to express appreciation, gratitude, care, and simply love for others. My Chinese mother is also a big proponent of giving food to people and its something I’ve picked up and made into my own. Living in Seattle, food can become quite the event. My friends and I love choosing new places to eat and making the experience a part of our memories.

I love trying out new recipes and sharing them with others. For me, the best part is the making. I stress-bake. This place is another way for me to share the things I discover and create for a whole new audience, even if I can’t literally hand you a cookie. Or a plate of pasta. Or a bowl of soup. So if I’m stressing, watch out!

The idea of sweet salt crunch is not just textures and flavors inherent in food, but also a reminder (at least, for me) to savor and remember the complicated intricacies of flavors and textures in life itself. Its about appreciating the many unique facets of who we are and celebrating as many of them as we can. I hope to share some of those life moments with you here.

Life, as complex and intricate and interconnected as it is, is not with nuts or bumps in the road. Being a psychologist, this blog has become more than a place to share food and smiles, but a space to share knowledge and shed light on the harder facets of life. That being said, there are resources available to those in need. Hope can be a cookie AND an understanding heart.

Oh, and there will probably be lots of dog pictures. You have been warned. I <3 my dog. And she loves food. Maybe a little too much.