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cannoli pound cake

2015-11-06 17.03.23

There aren’t many things I like about the weather getting colder- mainly cuz I hate being cold and I love long lazy summer days. However, I do love that I can go on crazy baking sprees for the holiday season. I love the smell of delicious goodies baking in the oven. It spreads warmth, sweetness, and the scent of homemade all through the house. There’s nothing quite like it. (more…)

french toast to wake up for

2015-05-05 08.17.59

May has always been a month of springtime, hope, and celebrating. May is when the weather *hopefully* starts to warm up to the point where one can enjoy the longer days. May is the last stretch of the school year. May is the first three-day weekend since February (if you work on a government schedule) and the last three-day weekend before summer (if you’re in school). May is also Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday and May Day. May Day as a child in Hawaii involved flowers and dancing, both of which I love! (more…)

easy dreamy scones

easy dreamy scone |

As I dig deeper into the world of blogging, I’m learning how much there is to know about having a blog. I feel like I don’t know anything! There are tons of articles and lists out there about how to get people to visit your site, comment on your posts, find inspiration for posts, monetize posts, and make your site look attractive to bypassing potential readers. (Reread that last sentence and pretend to speed up like crazy about halfway through.) Whew..! It kinda feels a little overwhelming. One thing I decided to try is an editorial calendar  to help keep track of my posts. It even lets me start drafts on the days I want to post and allows me to schedule my posts! At first I thought, “I post twice a week. How can this thing do anything more than make me feel inadequate?” But after reading another blogger waxing poetic on her favorite plugins, I realize that it made way more sense than my long, handwritten list of written ideas for future posts. I even have my entire February planned out now!