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homemade peanut butter oreos


I lost a bet.

More specifically, I lost a Masterchef bet because I really really wanted that adorable Brandi to win. (It’s okay, girl, madeleines are hard!) So, I owed a friend something baked and chocolate. Being as busy and lazy as I’ve been this year, noted in my nine month absence from the blog, I pulled out a recipe I tried once last year and decided to change it up with a peanut butter filling instead.


marbled cheesecake brownies

marbled cheesecake brownies |

I can’t believe it’s already December. I know I say this every time the season turns, but the past few months have really flown by! It’s nice to look forward to a lot of baking this year after nearly killing the turkey on Thanksgiving. BTW, Alton Brown’s turkey is so good that even accidentally forgetting to reduce the heat (from 500 to 350) for the last 1.5 hours didn’t completely burn the bird. The foil blanket also helped. It was really good in congee that night and pot pie the next day. (more…)

cannoli pound cake

2015-11-06 17.03.23

There aren’t many things I like about the weather getting colder- mainly cuz I hate being cold and I love long lazy summer days. However, I do love that I can go on crazy baking sprees for the holiday season. I love the smell of delicious goodies baking in the oven. It spreads warmth, sweetness, and the scent of homemade all through the house. There’s nothing quite like it. (more…)

espresso chocolate chip shortbread

espresso chocolate chip shortbread |

Okay, I know I dropped the ball here for over a month and I completely apologize for it. There was the traveling, the mutant cold, the moving, the drama with the moving, then no Internet, then the practice… too many things = no energy for here. But here, these amazing cookies are my offering to you. If you were in here in my kitchen, I’d probably offer to make you some. Cept the kitchen is kind of a mess right now. (more…)

gimme s’more [brownies]!

smores brownies |

Summer is shaping up to be a season of busy. It has been a beautiful week of plentiful sunshine, cool breezes, and lots of work! Planning for my Europe trip next month is one big thing I’ve been busy with. That’s right- I’ll be taking my first international trip to Europe! The first part of the trip is with my grad school advisor and her study abroad history of psychology class. I did a little preliminary research for the program years ago and she’s invited me along to see the fruits of my labor. I’m really excited to see some of these hallmarks of psychology I’ve only read about in textbooks and articles (and seeing my passport look more worldly). (more…)

everyday chocolate cake

2015-02-05 11.11.14

I love chocolate cake. Its possibly my favorite flavor of cake, as long as its chocolatey and not too sweet. Density depends on my mood- I favor lighter cakes, but sometimes, you viscerally need something rich and dark. And sometimes, you need something in between that you can slap together really fast and eat for an entire week (if you don’t plan on sharing). This cake is the last kinda cake. It has a deep chocolate flavor, enhanced by chocolate chips that are little melty punches on your tongue, and can be dressed up with whipped cream, mascarpone, ice cream, berries ….or just a touch of powdered sugar.


nutella hot chocolate + new years

nutella hot chocolate |
2-ingredient nutella hot chocolate- delish!

Happy New Year! I hope you had wonderful holidays filled with laughter, friends, and family. And anything else that makes the holiday season holiday-y for you. For me, that includes baking and cooking up a frenzy to feed people.