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gimme s’more [brownies]!

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Summer is shaping up to be a season of busy. It has been a beautiful week of plentiful sunshine, cool breezes, and lots of work! Planning for my Europe trip next month is one big thing I’ve been busy with. That’s right- I’ll be taking my first international trip to Europe! The first part of the trip is with my grad school advisor and her study abroad history of psychology class. I did a little preliminary research for the program years ago and she’s invited me along to see the fruits of my labor. I’m really excited to see some of these hallmarks of psychology I’ve only read about in textbooks and articles (and seeing my passport look more worldly). (more…)

rocky road chocolate bark

Rocky Road Bark |

For the past three or so years, I’ve been making treat packages for my friends. The holidays are the best time for trying out new recipes, so I try to explore new recipes every year. Even with chocolate bark, a favorite every year, gets an overhaul. This year, I had my heart set on marshmallows, which led me to think about rocky road, which– clearly– paved the way for rocky road bark. (more…)

hot apple-lemon-ginger cider

hot apple lemon ginger cider |
As we gear up for the holiday season, be forewarned that the next few weeks will be very sweet. That being said, there can only be so many hot chocolates I can drink before I crave something hot, sweet, and… dare I say… energizing?

When I was doing my psychology practicum at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, we had a postdoc resident who always went to this little (now defunct) cafe called the Newsroom and brought back this ah-mah-zing smelling drink that she swore was non-caffeinated, healthy, and very invigorating. One day, she invited me to join her in her daily sojourn to get her hot juice. At the Newsroom, which was located in Robertson Plaza and a quick walk from our building, she pointed out the juice menu to me. All the juices had quirky little names, like the Deja Voodoo or the Red Haute; the name of this hot juice was “Hot News.” (more…)

pumpkin crunch

Hello world!

Happy [belated] Thanksgiving! I am so excited that my very first food blog post is going to combine several things that are important to me: food, friends, and blessings. My favorite part of the holidays is to do a lot of baking and give it away. Seriously. The holidays are the best time of year to try new recipes and have tons of people to share in the fun!

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