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more than #gratitude

love kindness jar

In honor of Thanksgiving and the busyness it (and the next six weeks) will bring, I decided to take a week off from posting a recipe. Ok, ok, I’m also super swamped and didn’t have good lighting for the post I wanted to do this week. We’ll stick with the theme of gratitude though. (more…)

salt-baked potatoes

Everyone loves a baked potato, right? The perfect lazy side if you have an hour to spare. You can add anything on them and they’re perfect as a meal unto themselves. I read on Tasting Table that lots of chefs will bake off a few potatoes at the end of the night rather than pull together a full meal. The way they add flavor to it is to bake it encrusted in salt. Hmm…  (more…)

sweet spots

2015-09-24 20.41.04

I know my birthday was, like, nearly two months ago, but I wanted to share some of the highlights of the weekend. No, I didn’t have a birthday weekend… well, kinda, not really. There was a friend’s wedding smack in the middle of it, but it was lots of time with loved ones and it was great fun. Here I am making a face as I blow out my birthday candle on a delicious chocolate cake. Those nutella zeppole were no slouchies either– both were amazing desserts to cap off a bday dinner! (more…)

sweet spots- Hogwarts edition

2015-07-27 10.25.56

Okay, guilt, guilt, guilt. I got caught up in life and dragged my heels on the blog. I will make it up to you with lots of Harry Potter Studio pics and a promise to put more posts up regularly. Food posts, even! The holidays are coming up– it’s almost Christmas baking time!! Here we are at the entrance to the coolest thing ever in England- the Harry Potter studio tour!! It’s a fairly quick moving studio tour. Brother and I could hardly wait. Sister was super glad there was a Starbucks to the left of the photo above. Frankly, so was I. It was early-ish and we needed to be caffeinated badly. (more…)

sweet spots- London edition

2015-07-22 18.30.31

London was the last stop for the study abroad Europe trip. It was hard to believe that we were down to our last few days together. At times, it seemed like I had known some of these people forever. Our first meal, of course, was fish and chips! This slab of cod was ginormous and fried to crispy perfection. It was really cool watching people who normally shy way from seafood choose fish entrees in attempt to face their fears. (more…)

sweet spots- Berne edition

2015-07-20 20.33.59

Onto Switzerland! What a beautiful country with breathtaking views. I wish we had more time than the day we were here. There was so much to explore! This was my first meal after a day-long trip to Berne, the capital. It was an amazing ragu. There is a surprisingly large amount of Italian restaurants for being so far from the French border, but perhaps they cater to the tourists. It was super yummy and a great way to start our time in Switzerland! (more…)