cold spicy peanut noodles

spicy peanut noodles | sweetsaltcrunch.comOh man, the last few weeks have flown by! I could’ve sworn it’s only been a week and a half or so since perfecting the s’mores brownies (btw, make the entire graham cracker crust. Trust me.) It has been crazy getting ready for Europe, packing everything up, and helping my parents with some real estate stuff they’re dealing with.  (more…)

gimme s’more [brownies]!

smores brownies |

Summer is shaping up to be a season of busy. It has been a beautiful week of plentiful sunshine, cool breezes, and lots of work! Planning for my Europe trip next month is one big thing I’ve been busy with. That’s right- I’ll be taking my first international trip to Europe! The first part of the trip is with my grad school advisor and her study abroad history of psychology class. I did a little preliminary research for the program years ago and she’s invited me along to see the fruits of my labor. I’m really excited to see some of these hallmarks of psychology I’ve only read about in textbooks and articles (and seeing my passport look more worldly). (more…)

spoken word venture

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month and I wanted to mark it with a poignant, lovely post about Asian American history or Asian American mental health (because, psychologist), but I wasn’t inspired by any of my ideas. Okay, and you can also call me lazy.  (more…)

best roasted asparagus

2015-05-17 19.26.57

One of spring’s best gifts is asparagus. Those yummy green stalks may appear to be available all year round, but you and I both know that they are the best and most tender in the springtime. Just eating them is like tasting spring in your mouth. (more…)

french toast to wake up for

2015-05-05 08.17.59

May has always been a month of springtime, hope, and celebrating. May is when the weather *hopefully* starts to warm up to the point where one can enjoy the longer days. May is the last stretch of the school year. May is the first three-day weekend since February (if you work on a government schedule) and the last three-day weekend before summer (if you’re in school). May is also Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday and May Day. May Day as a child in Hawaii involved flowers and dancing, both of which I love! (more…)

secrets of a red velvet convert

red velvet cupcakes |

I’ll admit, I was pretty (read: very) late to the red velvet wagon. It seemed like a dessert that couldn’t make it up its flavor-mind and hid its indecision behind a lot of food coloring. I thought I saw through that. Who wants a confused cupcake anyway? Then two years ago, a friend was throwing a surprise birthday party for his then-girlfriend and I offered to make cupcakes for dessert. Guess what her favorite cake flavor was? That’s right. (more…)

dusting off some word play

I promised myself I’d stretch myself a little more, put a little more of me out here on the blog. There are so many facets of being a person that there can’t reasonably be enough space to fill. Or have a blog cohesive enough to hold it together. But one can try. So far, its been increasingly better food photography (i’m looking into a class!), trying new recipes, and pics of my dog. Then I added some wellness/mental health stuff, as a nod to the seven years of graduate training and to hopefully extend resources to those who visit here. Now, well, I did say I’ve been trying to write more lately.