linguini with clams and bacon

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The best things in life are the simple things. Sunshine on a spring day. Lilacs spreading their intoxicating fragrance through the house. Ice cream cones on summer days. A new episode of your favorite TV show. A hot latte with an extra shot (or two) after pulling an all-nighter. Wagging puppy tails and kisses after a long work day. Laughing with your best friends. Linguini with clams. And bacon. (more…)

sexual assault awareness month- support


So, we’ve educated ourselves on rape statistics and learned more about rape culture. But what do we do if someone we know (and love) come to us to disclose their trauma? What can we expect? How can we help? Furthermore, how can we avoid hurting the person who is already in a world of hurt? This week’s post is pretty straightforward: common reactions you might see, what is helpful, and what is definitely not helpful/possibly even more traumatizing. (more…)

sexual assault awareness month- rape culture

Rape culture is a scary, pervasive attitude within society that is continues to thrive and persist because most of society is convinced it does not exist. There are many great definitions of rape culture written beautifully by other bloggers and writers. What it comes down to is the normalization or expectation for sexual violence, ranging from catcalling to rape. Men are allowed, socialized, and encouraged to be aggressive. Because sexual violence is a fact of life, women are expected to do everything in their power to prevent said rape from occurring. (more…)

sexual assault awareness month 2015


With April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I thought I’d take the next few weeks to discuss different aspects of this topic from statistics to rape culture to support. Sexual assault has recently (as in the last year or two) made national news in the context of high schools and colleges. However, sexual assault can occur anywhere– in your homes, your workplaces, and your churches. Sexual assault happens every 2 minutes in the United States. Even if you haven’t experienced sexual assault or think that you know someone who has, chances are pretty good that you do know someone who has had their lives turned upside down by sexual assault.


DIY photography soft light

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I’m not much of a photography person and I knew that when I started this blog, I’d have to figure out a way to remedy that. Slowly, slooowly I’m figuring out tips and tricks that have helped my photography skills improve, mostly due to Pinch of Yum’s tips and blog posts. It’s amazing what a sheet of foil, a white board, some extra loose ingredients, or a dish towel can do for a shot. However, lighting is one of those things that don’t handily go away. Even when light is good, its not always steady or consistent. Or you have window blinds in the way. Or light is in the wrong place for where you want to shoot. (more…)

sweet spots


First off, Bones is back tonight! After three months off, its been more than time for it to return. HTGAWM finished their season! I <3 Bones and have been with the series (book and TV) all the way. I know its been on forever, but I like that my fictional friends stick around. Sometimes longer than people in real life, esp since I move alot. They provide a consistency for me. 😛 Thank you, Kathy Reichs! (more…)

chili mac

chili mac |

Although I enjoy a fancy, pretty, photogenic meal once in a while, what makes me feel at home is a warm bowl of yum that can feed a bunch of people. Its even better when you can make it all in one pot- those are the best!


sweet spots

2015-03-14 16.39.16 HDR


The University of Washington is one of the world’s most beautiful college campuses. No, seriously, it’s made lists of the prettiest campuses. On this list of the top 20 most beautiful, dear UW is #10. On this list of the 14 most beautiful quads, the cherry blossoms that bloom every finals week is what puts UW on the map. (more…)