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Okay, guilt, guilt, guilt. I got caught up in life and dragged my heels on the blog. I will make it up to you with lots of Harry Potter Studio pics and a promise to put more posts up regularly. Food posts, even! The holidays are coming up– it’s almost Christmas baking time!! Here we are at the entrance to the coolest thing ever in England- the Harry Potter studio tour!! It’s a fairly quick moving studio tour. Brother and I could hardly wait. Sister was super glad there was a Starbucks to the left of the photo above. Frankly, so was I. It was early-ish and we needed to be caffeinated badly.

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Le Sigh… the Great Hall with its tables and dressing and plastic foodstuff so the actors would stop eating all the props! I wish we had more time to look at all the detail- there was definitely amazing stuff going on here.

2015-07-27 11.08.54

At the front of the Hall, we have mannequins robed in actual costumes worn by the actors. Just look at that podium!

2015-07-27 11.09.29

Because I like winning, I had to take a shot of the House Points. As usual, Gryffindors are ahead- I suppose it’s still early in the year. Ravenclaw can still climb their way up!

2015-07-27 11.17.07

In the next room, this beautiful modelĀ of the castle dolled up for the party along with Hermione’s GoF ballgown. Oh, Emma Watson looked so gorgeous in that gown! Krum’s uniform just behind the gown. Pretty, pretty, pretty…

2015-07-27 11.20.16

Wigs, wigs, and more wigs!! Somewhere in the back of my mind, I think I must’ve known that some of the actors had to have wigs. But, I didn’t think there would be so many of them and honestly.. did anyone use their real hair?! I loved that each wig was labeled so you knew who wore it.

2015-07-27 11.26.02

Just chilling in the Gryffindor common room. Can tell because of the casual clothes instead of the required, drafty robes.

2015-07-27 11.26.30

Look at the stunning artwork on this pendulum. LOVED it.

2015-07-27 11.27.20

Here’s the sister posing in front of the entrance to Dumbledore’s office.

2015-07-27 11.30.46

Props and dohickeys from the movies. Oh, the detail! The artistry! The mastery! So many little pieces came together to enrich the whole.

2015-07-27 11.31.25

More props- but notable and labeled. Look at the Time-Turner (I could sure use one of those!) and Neville’s Remembrall.. And the Snitch! And the Deluminator!

2015-07-27 11.34.39

I think that’s the Potions Classroom behind me!

2015-07-27 11.35.45

Yep, definitely the Potions Classroom. See the cauldron, the tiny mortar and pestle, jars of who-knows-what in the back, test tubes and test tube racks, and bottles, and stoppers… I love the little cauldrons!

2015-07-27 11.40.47

The grand moving staircase!

2015-07-27 11.45.17

So that’s how those broomsticks did it…

2015-07-27 11.46.20

Sibs at the scaly stony entrance to the Chamber of Secrets

2015-07-27 11.46.52

Hagrid’s Hut

2015-07-27 11.37.44

I really love this. These are all the animals that played our beloved animals in the series. I love that WB and the cast and crew put up a memorial and a remembrance wall for them. They were well-loved and will continue to be well-loved!


More HP Studio tour next week! We haven’t even made it to lunch yet.

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